Priorité enfants by Sarah Pernet

Priorité Enfants specializes in recruiting nannies for households and finding hired help for busy parents.
It was created by a young father, born of his concerns about who to choose as his baby's carer. 
How could he find someone trustworthy??
How could he find a real gem of a nanny - the best of the best?
What sort of criteria should he request from a nanny?
After reflecting that he couldn't be the only parent in this situation, he decided to set up Priorité Enfants and so the adventure began.
And since its beginnings in 1998, this recognized agency is now very successful!
The main activity of Priorité Enfants is to select childcare to meet the specific demands of each family.
The criteria, such as age, skills or languages, is defined by the families so the recruiters can propose profiles corresponding to their specific requirements.
The recruiters are rigorous for each and every request and scrupulously respect the customer's choices.
Priorité Enfants expertise is the quality of its selection process.
Each nanny must provide a detailed CV outlining her experience, as well as recent references that are methodically followed up and checked.
Most of the time, a minimum of 4 years of experience is required.
In addition, applicants require a First Aid certificate and a medical certificate and undergo a background check for criminal records.
Candidates are also subject to an in-depth interview with the recruiters.
Several services are possible.
In the case of nursing, childcare qualifications are compulsory since this position requires specific expertise.
As for live-in positions (nannies who live with the family), one of the key factors is good availability.
Each family becomes the legal employer of the nanny, which isn't always an easy task. In order to offer a complete service, Priority Enfants offers an administrative management service that totally relieves families of the administrative aspects that employing staff involves.
Recruiters are trained in human resources, which ensures that the process is carried out correctly and efficiently.
If you are looking for a trustworthy carer for your children, candidates who have bonafide references, and an agency who can take care of all the details - you now know who to speak to!