Music Together by Sabrya Hamidi  translated by Tanya Mayne

Watching the video on, where families reveal their views on the philosophy of Music Together, you come to realise that music is a means of expression that brings together a very diverse community of people.

There is room for everyone, whether the music arouses feelings of shyness, excitement, daydreaming or a sense of joy.

Above all, we realise that Music Together tries to create a very strong social bond between children and manages to avoid any sense of competition, instead encouraging the importance of teamwork and each child's role within it.

In particular you can really notice how the energy develops between parent and child groupings.

Yes, because, as Robin tells us, Music Together's method is based on the "participatory style of the classes". So what does that mean?

According to Robin, the director, "enjoyment, all together" is the catchphrase.

In other words, it is a place where confidence and learning can develop freely and it really helps intensify the communication between parents and children.

Children integrate by copying and parents gradually grasp that patience is essential to the child's development.

Typically, a Music Together course will start and finish with everyone sitting in a circle. The idea of ​​the circle is very important, as Robin wants to avoid any formality within the class - it is a collective program to develop the senses, so the session begins with singing and using the fingers, then the parent-child groups have free rein to continue as they wish.

What is appealing about the method is that each person is involved - the child, the parents, the teacher - and there's no hierarchy of knowledge or individual, everyone has something important to share, and this results in a mixture of emotions, inspires others and awakens the senses.

Everything is focused on the spontaneity, the nature and abilities of each person. In the circle, there is an ongoing flow of energy.

Sometimes the parents do not want to be involved but decide to stay and watch out of curiosity, and more often than not they are the ones that end up being the most involved during the classes.

There is to a certain extent a therapeutic effect for parents who take part.

We all end up communicating our enthusiasm, the joy is contagious!

More precisely, the Music Together method follows quarterly terms, and includes CDs and books of songs that can be used at home - these materials support the continuity of ongoing learning through repetition.

This also allows the child to bring the fun home and involve others such as grandparents, friends, cousins - which encourages everyone to join the circle of personal fulfilment and interconnection through music!

What parents should know ...

Robin wanted to combine his love of music with his psychology studies. Eight years ago he decided to take on the teaching program Music Together that was developed by Princeton and to initiate it in Geneva.

He emphasises that each course has a principle behind it, and there is academic research that backs the ideas behind these sorts of musical programs, for example the "The Human Body as the primary instrument".

So if you'd like to give it a go, register, and for our lovely Kim & Teo Fan Club members, Robin is offering a discount of between 10 and 20% of the registration fee, which comes to about fifty francs for the first term.

And the bonus is you can register at any time during the year!