Maison de la créativité by Sarah Pernet

The House of Creativity is a foundation created in 2014 that welcomes children from 0 to 6 years in breathtaking surroundings!
Its labyrinth of rooms, each offering a different theme and creative activity allows you to get totally lost in the world of creation!
You can find a "Chinese Shadows" dark room where you can explore shadows and light, sitting alongside the "Building Work" room, where you can build all sorts of things, while a 'graphics room' offers lots of different artistic activities!
As for the outdoor section, a huge garden means all sorts of activities, games and exploration are possible!
Every year, for a period of around three months, the House of Creativity also hosts artists from Geneva who offer innovative and original artistic projects for children.
The artist is given a workshop and a large room where they can showcase all the creations that they have made with the children and adults.
Another interesting partnership is with the Swiss Romande Youth Movement which offers a fun scientific discovery area on the second floor of the large house.
As you can see, everything really is possible at the House of Creativity.
Each space offers a different creative dimension and materials - so there really is an incredible variety of activities for children and adults alike!
The goal is to foster the creativity of each child. For this reason, it's crucial to let each child take as long as they want on their activity, so there are no fixed schedules but total flexibility to allow the child to choose what he wants to do and for how long.
Another important point is that adults and children are encouraged to create together. It forges a special bond and promotes a quicker creative process.
And its also allows everyone to learn from each other.
For convenience a nursing corner and picnic area offer a quiet spot for parents and accompanying adults during their visit.
And if a child wants a quiet moment, they can go to the library area which offers a small but original collection of books.
For the "early childhood" communities within Geneva, spaces can be reserved for half a day or a day.
Families are welcome in all areas between 2.30pm and 5.30pm, every Wednesday afternoon and one Saturday per month (as well as certain school holidays).