Life Coach, by Sarah Pernet

In 2003, Jasmine Gage opened her coaching practice on rue Ernest Bloch.

Born in Geneva, she then studied in the United States, so can speak fluent English and French, which enables her to accept clients who speak either language.

Having worked for many institutions and organisations during her studies, she gained significant work experience and on her return to Geneva, she was able to set up her own business, which she had always dreamed of doing!

This therapist has many strings to her bow - she practices pedagogical coaching, meeting with children and parents where her objective third party perspective helps solve numerous internal family issues.

She also works extensively with teenagers and offers two successful self-defense workshops per year.

Adolescence is in fact a period of huge change for young people, and often they have trouble accepting these changes.

School can sometimes be a source of great stress and anxiety.

Her real specialism is working with hypersensitive children and adults.

The latter form a small percentage of society and are people whose emotions dominate their life.

She also deals with high-achievers, who can sometimes find themselves in a situation of complete failure if the issue isn't detected early enough.

She recently formed a meeting group for these people, and there are now more than thirty members who meet up to talk, get to know each other and discuss various topics.

After her experience of travelling in the United States, Jasmine also offers an expat service where she can meet people who have moved to Geneva and are trying to fit in and adapt to a new city with its particular codes of conduct.

Language is not the only barrier that needs to be overcome when one arrives in a new place, as she knows all too well!

This is only a small glimpse of the many services this personable psychotherapist offers!

Her key feature: she likes to alternate coaching and hypnosis. These two techniques work well together and offer quick and effective results.

Are you interested in her work? She initially suggests a meeting of about twenty minutes in order to get to know one another so you can also decide if you are happy working together. Which is reassuring, isn't it?