Le MEG by Nina Lauricella

The MEG - Museum of Ethnography of Geneva - is a flagship museum of this city.

It has existed since 1901 and moved to a brand new building in Boulevard Carl-Vogt in October 2014.

So the exhibitions are showcased in bright new surroundings and against the backdrop of incredible architecture!

It is a museum where everyone finds something of interest, whether a child or a scientist - one is fully immersed in the many cultures of the world.

The museum has a permanent exhibition and holds one large temporary exhibition per year which lasts about 10 months.

The permanent exhibition revolves around the diversity of human objects found across 5 continents, and is set against a backdrop that is so mind-blowing it has even received an award!

Even the temporary exhibitions have stunning backdrops.

At the beginning of this year (it closed on 8th January) the museum was transformed into the world of Amazonia, transporting visitors into the middle of the rainforest. And as of 18th May, you will be travelling across Australia!

Entry to the permanent exhibition is free for everyone.

For temporary exhibitions, there is a charge for adults, while children (under 18) can enjoy free access to the whole museum.

Another bonus for children is the small paper guide which offers simplified explanations of the exhibits, to really engage young visitors.

As well as its exhibitions, the MEG also has a library with a great collection of children's books that can be borrowed!

It is a place that really caters to families and offers activities for the whole family!

For children from 2 years of age, there are also music-led activities that take place several times a month.

There are also fun visits to the temporary exhibitions which integrate creative craft sessions (such as making masks, kaleidoscopes, etc...) which children just love!

These workshops take place on Wednesdays and weekends for children with an accompanying adult, but be warned, places are limited and you have to book in advance!

Many parents are on the lookout for an original birthday activity - so it's good to know that the MEG offers workshop visits - but dates book up very quickly as this is an incredibly popular venue!

But don't be too disappointed if there are no more places available and instead have a look at the numerous other activities going on at this vibrant museum!

Because at the MEG museum, there's an average of up to 4 events a day!

Every first Sunday of the month, the museum is free for everyone and offers special activities (free and with no need to book) for children and adults as part of the Grand Bazaar.

The MEG will also be at the heart of a new dance and world music festival aimed at younger audiences. It's called the Ramdamjam Festival, and it will take place on 11th and 12th March, in partnership with the ADEM (Ethnomusicology Workshops).

A festive program will offer introductory workshops, concerts, shows, story-telling and demonstrations and there will even be a music-led activities for babies and toddlers under 2 years old and their parents!

So, get it in your diaries!