Le café du MEG by Nina Lauricella, translated by Tanya Mayne

Looking for a quiet place to take a break from the daily norm?

Go to the MEG coffee shop of course!

It's a popular spot, with up to 100 daily customers in summer.

Located just below the MEG Museum (the most visited museum in Geneva), a small team welcomes you every day from 9:30 am to 6:15 pm (except Monday) for coffee or lunch (about 23 chf for 2 courses).

Rikke T. W. has been the manager for 2 years and delights in sharing this cosy spot place with new and regular customers.

She previously worked in 5-star hotels, but wanted to get away from the high pressure often associated with that work, and also wanted to find a balance between family life and doing something she loved - which is what she found at the MEG café!

The unique selling point?

Everything is homemade and uses fresh produce because the kitchen is small and there isn't much room for storage!

Everything is bought from local suppliers and the menu includes local products as much as possible.

There is also the fact that families can let their children play with games in the cafe (Kim & Teo kits and toy boxes) and also in the playground of the adjoining school (especially on weekends).

And the café also offers birthday cakes if you choose to organize a birthday party at the MEG, complete with a museum workshop (available on Wednesdays and Saturdays).

There isn't a dedicated children's menu but you can order smaller portions which are charged at half price.

On Wednesdays from 10 am to 12 pm, there is a group meeting for mums to meet and share stories and contacts.

You can also choose not to eat on the spot - everything on the menu is available to take away and doggy bags are available if there are leftovers at the end of a meal.

So why not go and say hello to the team! Especially since every first Sunday of the month, you can visit the MEG museum for free!