L'Asticot by Sarah Pernet, translated by Tanya Mayne

Asticot (the grub, in English) began life in a small Geneva-based 'cocoon' from which it then took flight, becoming first a nationally-recognised brand, and then a European one.
This children's clothing brand has now been around for 7 years. 
When you open the door of this small, cosy boutique, you first notice its exotic interior.
The interior changes each season, and with it, new surprises! As you explore the shop, hidden play areas are unveiled, such as a hut hidden under shelves of clothes, where children can have fun while parents shop and pay. It's an unexpected yet very practical idea!

Asticot's motto is to offer ethical clothing made in Central Europe, particularly Portugal, with organic raw materials and natural dyes (certified as being free from harmful chemical products). The quality of the clothes means they will last a long time - something we parents take into consideration. And on top of this, aesthetics meets ethics since the clothes are colourful, playful, and graphic! 
The original style of the clothes means you can find unique, often unisex items, which can be worn by both brothers and sisters.
The clothing design is all about graphic patterns in bright colours. It is now two years since the L'Asticot shop opened in Geneva, its only branded store. The brand mostly sells its clothing via other shops and it is also possible to buy the clothing online. At the moment, Asticot only offers clothes and accessories for children. But, in view of the demand, adult items will also soon be available so parents can enjoy wearing their clothes as much as their children!