Ateliers 1 2 3 by Sarah Pernet

Since 2012, Catherine Chenu has been offering children a range of activities associating nature and creation. This early childhood educator, trained in environmental education through nature, has always loved being creative with young children.

Her fascination with their ability to make something out of nothing, using just their imagination led her to found her own studio in Thônex.

For her, there is a clear link between nature and creation - one enhances the other, and vice versa. The aim: having fun above all else!

The act of creating something is more important than its result.

All year round, creative workshops are held on Wednesday morning for children from the age of 4 years. You can enjoy a free trial workshop too!

She also offers, 'Brico'anniversaires' (Craft birthdays) available to book for birthday parties on Wednesdays and Saturday afternoons.

For children aged 7 years and older, forest birthdays are also possible, from Easter through to October, excluding the summer holidays.

During school holidays, from 10am to 4pm, your children are welcome to come and explore nature whilst having fun and being creative.

Each day involves a 'workshop' (held either indoors or outdoors depending on weather) and exploration time where the children spend time surrounded by nature.

There is a weekly theme which is carried though each day's activities. Wednesday is the day dedicated to the forest, while Friday is cooking day!

The bonus - you can book your child in for one day at a time, except during summer holidays when a booking must be for the week.

During this Christmas period, parent-child workshops are also organized.

Finally, a new project to come in March 2017: workshops will be organized on Saturday mornings with the theme "the kitchen of the market with the family". You will know how to buy the right seasonal products and how to cook them with your children!